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Who Spilled the Vex Juice?

-Welcome to the Agency-


-Saladin Forge

Damage Agency

Clan Tag: DMG

We’re an occasionally rowdy, always fun, group of Destiny players.  We explode into the hollowids 🙂 of space on reset night, to rain down that special guardian light on the latest threats from the darkness.

Among our ranks, you’ll find a diverse and powerful group of guardians  ready to take on every challenge the game has to offer.  We’ve got crucible killers, pve masters, and race day specialists.

If there’s a boss, we’ve beaten him.  If there’s loot, we’ve got it.  If there’s a game, we’re playing.

If you’re a salty crucible victim who”s met their doom at our hands OR If you think you’ve got what it takes to run with us